broken blooms

class: ART 2240 Package Design

brief: Create a package design for flower bulbs using a standard coffee bag sized template.

my approach: Broken Blooms is a bag of broken tulip bulbs—bulbs infected with a virus that creates a striking “breaking” effect in the blooms’ colors. I utilized an ill-registered overprint effect and bold typography to enhance the feel of broken-ness in the packaging design.



I initially explored two concepts: Broken Blooms Tulip Bulbs, and Spring Signals Orchid Bulbs. For Broken Blooms, I knew I wanted to utilize 15th century Dutch tulip paintings mixed with bold, modern type and some sort of reference to virulence. I took a Spring Signals lighter approach to Spring Signals, attempting to convey the feeling of seeing flowers for the first time after a long winter.



After finishing the initial Semper Augustus packaging, I expanded the design to two other extinct tulip cultivars: Viceroy and Admiral Van Der Eijk.

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