kobe tofu

class: ART 2240 Package Design

brief: Create a package design for a kitsch product of my own invention.

my approach: Drawing from my experience living in Japan and my passion for sustainability, I created this vegan alternative to Kobe Beef. It is a luxurious product with a humorous edge, pushing the boundaries of plant-based cuisine. To stand out in the rapidly growing sustainable foods market, I combined bold typography with hand-drawn illustrations and traditional Japanese coloration and finishing.



For this design, I was influenced by a number of sources. The box shape is inspired by traditional cedar boxes used to press tofu into shape. The band is commonly found on deluxe Japanese bento boxes. The cord and various knot patterns exist in many facets of Japanese culture including presents, cards, charms, and ceremonies.



Mindful of both style and practicality, the final dummy (05) can be crafted from a single piece of cardboard (requiring only one die), and is fastened with a tidy string-tie pattern for ease of assembly and unwrapping.


custom die

For economical and practical reasons, I designed this box with a single custom die. The two lower flaps glue together to create a shelf inside the box to elevate the tofu to the height of the window on the top.



The illustrations demonstrate the multitude of ways the product is pampered prior to consumption. All the illustrations were hand drawn by me. 


final package

In its final form, the package design features a bold logotype, playful illustrations, and a
traditional Japanese color palette. I also included expository text in both English and Japanese to appeal to a wider audience and convey an air of authenticity.

© 2021 rachel tonkovich