moonlight magick

class: ART 2230 Advanced Type & Layout

brief: Choose a fictional company name from a provided list, then create the brand from scratch (including logo, branding guide, verbiage, and various pieces collateral).

my approach: I gravitated toward Moonlight Magick because of the recent growth I’ve seen in the holistic health industry, as well as my own interest in the subject. I took this opportunity to provide a new and different approach to magic at the intersection of tradition and modernity.


research & brainstorming

Many metaphysical suppliers­—especially in the Salt Lake area—have outdated logos. I wanted to create a fresh brand that would appeal to the younger generation’s interests in modernism and minimalism, while still maintaining an important connection with history. My research consisted of finding and understanding the myriad of existing mystical symbols, then applying them appropriately­ within the branding.


logo sketches

I considered a variety of magical symbols, icons, and styles throughout the logo design process before settling on a minimalistic version. The final iteration feels modern yet timeless.


branding guide

  1. Logotype: Nestled within the final logo are a moon sign and a sun sign.

  2. Logomark: The logotype can be reduced to an MM monogram for added versatility.

  3. Typography: Josefin Slab is traditional, legible, and memorable. BC Alphapipe is useful for accents and call-outs, and compliments the logotype.

  4. Iconography: It was important to me to use mystical symbols in the branding. I chose celestial symbology to  pay homage to the idea of moonlight.

  5. Colors: The primary purple and blue colors are versatile and complementary. They can also be overprinted to create a deep navy blue. The three secondary colors add a warm contrast where needed.


stationary set

For this 2/0 stationary set, I utilized a moon-surface texture and one magical symbol on each piece. I overprinted the brand’s purple and turquoise colors to create a deep, eye-catching navy as a backdrop for the symbols.


annual report spreads

These annual report spreads incorporate the
company’s branding guidelines while communicating story and sales data in an engaging way.


pocket folder

Designed to look like an ancient spell book with a modern twist, the Moonlight Magick kit cover incorporates a fixed-width stroke pattern. To foster consistency throughout all pieces of collateral, I incorporated the overprinted moon texture, as well as symbology consistent with the brand identity.


newspaper ad

I designed this ad to be simultaneously inviting and mysterious; it encourages the viewer to find out more.

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